Final Report

Final Pic.png


Basic Concept:

The RO-MC-001 (Remote Operated Mic Clip) allows the user to adjust the angle of a mic on a mic stand. Designed primarily for concert recordists with tall stands or boom operators who constantly need different angles, the RO-MC-001 allows for easy adjustment without the hassle of taking the mic down.


Demonstration by 2019 MTech Audio for Video Competition Winner Chris Friedman:



“When you’re on a fast paced set and you have your pole expended 20+ feet, there isn’t always time to make the small mic angle adjustments you need to capture dialogue with a tight polar pattern. Being able to adjust it by remote control is game changing.”

-Chris Friedman


“I used it to record something and I already raised the stand all the way up and then my handy dandy RO-MC-001 could point it more towards the thing I was recording.”

-Alexandra D’Yan


Ideas for V.2:

I think the biggest take away both from my opinions and the feedback from the users was size.  The size of the remote was fine, but the electronics housing was way too big. One way to cut down on size would be to use a micro controller that already has bluetooth integrated into it such that I do need to allocate extra space for a bluetooth module. One user suggested an alternative approach where instead of cutting down on size, you could ditch the remote and just clip the main housing to your belt and use a long cable.


Link to Manual



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